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The best time to create a website was yesterday. The next best time — is today.

Quality and Cost


Your new website should be not just beautiful, but also practical.

A high-quality website will not only help you avoid problems when advancing in the search engines but, most importantly, it will increase the degree of trust of your customers.

An initially optimized website will save you time and money.

Who knows You?


Your Company has a website now!
But do customers see it when searching for your products or services on Google or Bing?

Making a website popular is no less important task than its creation.

To instantly get customers, start advertising, and if you ordered a site not in our company, then it might be better to start with the optimization for a promotion.



The site is ready, promoted and customers are calling you. Excellent!

But it happens that after a year or two … a disaster occurs – the attackers hacked your website and replaced it with their own content. Or the automatic update failed and no backup was taken.

Delegate the protection of your website to our experts to ensure its smooth operation.

Our Perks:


Search optimized

The key to successful promotion in search engines is a fast, convenient, adaptive and SEO-correct website. By ordering a website from me, you do not need to pay for promotion – everything will have already been done by the time I publish it.


Always online and secure

Ensuring the operability and security of your website is always under the round-the-clock control of our specialists with the Site Maintenance service.


Monthly fee

Website maintenance without monthly payments – spend your money efficiently. Filling the site, changing the design and other improvements are carried out with payment for a certain amount of work.

h Tips on building an effective website:

In this short article, you will learn what you need to pay special attention to when ordering a new site to avoid blunders that can hinder its progress and jeopardize one of the most promising sources of your customers.

Remember that the main goal of search engines is to provide data that is most relevant to a query. At the same time, the most valuable of them are located above the rest. The assessment is carried out using constantly changing rules that take into account, to varying degrees, such parameters as semantic content, page layout, download speed, links to the page from the current and other sites, mentions in social networks, visitor behavior, and many others.

★ What should be done first when creating a website? At the head of everything is filling the site with your own, nowhere repeated texts, photographs, and other materials, which must be signed by content and optimized for fast loading. For this material to be most visible to the search engine, it is necessary to create a separate page for it and conduct its SEO optimization.

★ It is essential to create a detailed and logical structure of the site, allocating a separate page for each high-frequency request. A lot depends on this in the further development of your Internet resource. You can determine the frequency of a particular request, taking into account the region, using Google Ads.

★ Evaluate the convenience for users, this plays a vital role in the evaluation of a web resource by search engines: the behavior of a visitor on a page is taken into account more and more every day when determining positions, and if your site has a clear structure, good content, effective optimization, and pleasant design, then your information will be awarded the highest positions in any search engine, which means that advertising costs will be minimized.

★ Keep up with the times and be sure to provide a convenient mobile version of the site, in which search engines will raise your page higher in mobile results. Consider that since 2015, billions of Google visitors have entered more than half of their searches through mobile devices.

★ Read up-to-date recommendations in the help centers of Google and Yandex search engines on filling, optimizing, and promoting the site. Follow their advice and you will have a well-advancing site that is not afraid of changes in ranking algorithms.

★ Avoid methods of artificial promotion, cheating of various indicators of attendance or time spent on the site, and other short-term and dangerous practices.

Good sites to you and great success in the competition!

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